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Welcome to Curry Fayre! If the name wasn’t a giveaway, we really love curries, and we want to share our passion for this amazing cuisine with like-minded people.

Making a homemade curry is easier than most assume

While you can certainly make a homemade curry using your current kitchen utensils, there are some Indian cookware utensils available that will take your curries to a whole new level. Best of all, because Indian cuisine is so beloved around the world, it is easy to find Indian cooking equipment for a reasonable price! 

Of course, knowing what Indian cooking utensils you need is not always obvious. Just like western cookware, Indian kitchen utensils are varied, with items offering different cooking techniques to produce authentic Indian food, from curries to chapati to idli.

To help you find the best cooking equipment for Indian cuisine, we have created an expansive guide covering all the most used items in an Indian kitchen. Here you will find a quick overview of the main cookware used to make authentic Indian food, with more detailed guides available for each item.

Indian Spice Box - Masala Dabba

Indian Spice Box - Masala Dabba

Here at Curry Fayre, we want to share our passion for curries and other Indian cuisines with like-minded individuals. If you love curry and have yet to try and make one at home, you are seriously missing out!

What is Idli Maker?

Here at Curry Fayre, we love all kinds of Indian cuisine, not just the amazing curries! One of the lesser known types of Indian cuisine is breakfast foods – not many people know about traditional Indian…



Paniyaram Pan

While we certainly love our curries here at Curry Fayre, it is not the only type of Indian food we enjoy eating. In fact, there is a whole world of delicious Indian foods we highly recommend you try, with all kinds of tasty treats and side dishes you can easily make from home.

Spice Grinder

If you want to start making curries and other Indian food at home, then it is time to start using fresh spices! Anyone that loves cooking understands the importance of fresh spices, as they offer a far better aroma and flavor in the finished meal. 

Why Buy Indian Cooking Equipment?

Before we dive into all the utensils used for making Indian food, you might be wondering why you should bother buying it in the first place. After all, we mentioned above that many of the utensils are similar to western cookware, so why waste the money if you can use stuff already in your kitchen?

An Authentic Indian Meal 

The biggest reason to buy Indian equipment is simple – it makes your Indian food taste more authentic. When using the same equipment in your average Indian kitchen, your food immediately tastes better, resembling something you would order from an Indian restaurant or takeaway.

If you love a good curry – and who doesn’t – then a few pieces of Indian cookware will make your homemade curries taste like the real thing.