Small Tadka Pan

Small Tadka Pan

If there is one thing you probably know about making Indian food, it is that there are a lot of spices used. Indian cuisine is known for the incredible selection of spices, producing those unmistakable aromas and flavours that make the food so popular throughout the world.

Every curry uses a unique combination of spices, and these are often prepared in various ways, often added before, during, and at the end of the cooking process. One often-overlooked use of these ingredients is frying spices in oil.

This method is done in various Indian curries and meals, adding an incredible taste and smell that take the food to an entire new level. However, it can get quite messy, not to mention dangerous due to the hot oil, which is where a good tadka pan comes into play. 

What is a Tadka Pan?

A tadka pan is a small pan used to fry spices in oil. Usually called a small tadka pan, it is designed to be compact with a lengthy handle, offering just enough capacity to fry a selection of spices in cooking oil. Simply add the spices and some oil to the pan, let it heat, and then add it to the meal.

Various Indian recipes use fried spices, which are typically added at the end of the recipe before serving. This final touch of spices creates a wonderful flavour profile, making it a great choice for those that want to make the most deliciously authentic homemade curries.

Why Buy a Tadka Pan?

A tadka pan is designed specially for frying spices. The pan is small so that you do not use too much oil, which can be quite dangerous and create a lot of mess. Instead, small amounts are used inside the pan, ensuring the perfect amount of oil and spices are used in your recipes.

The pan has thick, slightly raised sides, which help to maintain a high temperature for the cooking oil while also preventing it from splattering out the pan. Cooking with hot oil does mean the chance of splatters, which can burn your hand if not adequately protected.

To further ensure safety, a small tadka pan comes with a longer handle, espiecally compared to conventional western frying pans. This longer handle ensures your hand stays far away from the frying oil and spices, so it is a great investment for anyone that is frequently frying spices for their Indian food.

How to Choose the Best Tadka Pan?

There are a few things worth looking for in a small tadka pan. The first is that the material is non-stick, as you do not want the oil sticking to the base of the pan – it is hard to clean and leaves a horrible smell behind.

Anodized aluminium is the most common material for a non-stick tadka pan, being durable and resistant to chips and scratches.

Consider the size of the pan too, as they are generally much smaller than any other frying pan you will own. Avoid anything too large, as this may result in too much oil and a higher risk of splattering, with 4-11 inch sizes the most common for a tadka pan.