Spice Grinder buying Guide


Spice Grinder buying Guide

If you want to start making curries and other Indian food at home, then it is time to start using fresh spices! Anyone that loves cooking understands the importance of fresh spices, as they offer a far better aroma and flavour in the finished meal. Simply put, using fresh spices in Indian cuisine means your food is even tastier!

Of course, working with fresh Indian spices does mean you need to spend some time preparing them. Most spices used in Indian meals are ground with a spice grinder, the most common example of this tool being the mortar and pestle.

However, the mortar and pestle does require some effort to finely grind the spices, which is where spice grinder machine comes into play. These devices remove all the effort needed to grind your Indian spices, making it a worthwhile investment for your Indian meals!

What is a Spice Grinder?

A spice grinder is any type of device used to grind fresh spices into a fine consistency. The most common type of spice grinder for Indian food is a mortar and pestle, although these require manual operation that not everyone wants to deal with.

An electric spice grinder has become a popular alternative, letting you automatically grind fresh Indian spices for your favourite curries. While designs vary, most feature a small metal blade that is powered by an electric motor, rotating at high speeds to grind down fresh herbs and spices.

The best spice grinders will grind and combine all the major spices used in Indian cuisine, such mustard seeds, cumin seeds, cloves, coriander etc.

Reasons to Buy a Good Spice Grinder

One of the main reasons to buy a spice grinder is convenience. Making a homemade curry can be challenging when trying to grind different types of spices, especially considering upwards of seven spices are used in your average recipe.

If you want the amazing flavour and aroma of fresh spices in your Indian food but don’t want to spend ages grinding away, then a spice grinder machine is well worth your money. These machines take a small amount of ingredients – such as spices – and will grind them into the desired consistency in seconds.

Essentially, it is a small food processor that quickly grinds your fresh spices.

This means you get the advantage of making a blend of ground Indian spices without much effort. Plus, a good spice grinder works with other ingredients, meaning you can use it to grind all kinds of things beyond Indian spices, such coffee beans, nuts, and fresh herbs. 

How to choose the Best Spice Grinder

Looking for the best spice grinder for Indian food? Here are some things you should look for when buying:

Size: Always check the bowl in the spice grinder machine, making sure it is suitable size for your cooking habits. For instance, if you are making huge batches of ground spices frequently throughout the week, a large size grinder will be more beneficial than a compact grinder. Those making curries infrequently for a few people may only need a smaller sized spice grinder.

Blade: Some spice grinders feature interchangeable blades, allowing you to swap them out depending on the type of grind you want. This offers more versatility but may increase the price, although you can likely clean these easier as the blades are removeable.

Maintenance: An electric spice grinder machine is unlikely to be dishwasher safe, for obvious reasons. Check to see if the bowl is removable, as this may make cleaning the spice grinder easier. The same goes for removable blades, which are easier to clean.