Jhaara Buying Guide


Jhaara Buying Guide

While we do love curries here at Curry Fayre (it is in the name after all), there is no shortage of other amazing Indian cuisine we highly recommend you try making. A good curry is the standout Indian of Indian cuisine, yet there is a massive selection of sides, starters, snacks, and desserts that are well worth trying to make at home – the outcome is equally delicious!

Certain cooking techniques are frequently used in Indian cuisine, with frying being one of the most notable. Frying Indian food differs from western food, as the food being fried and the oil used are quite unique, although the methods are mostly the same.

However, certain kitchen utensils make the process easier, which is where the handy Jhaara comes into play. Inexpensive and simple to use, the Jhaara (or Jaldeer Karchi) helps with frying various Indian dishes, both sweet and savoury, making it a great addition to your Indian kitchen utensils!

What is a Jhaara?

While the name jhaara may make the utensil sound complex, it is basically a slotted spatula used for turning food frying in a pan. Like any Indian kitchen utensil, there are some unique aspects to the jhaara that make it a worthwhile inclusion to your kitchen equipment, especially if you love making Indian cuisine.  

For example, a good jhaara is more rounded than a typical western slotted spoon or spatula, making it the perfect shape for holding and flipping popular Indian side dishes and snacks fried in a kadai (the Indian version of a wok).

In fact, if you ever visit India you are guaranteed to see various street food vendors using jharra to make all kinds of fried treats and sweets, such as bondas, medua vadas, and boondi.


Reasons to Buy a Jhaara

A jharra is essentially a high-quality skimmer, which is a utensil that should be in every kitchen. It is perfect for making sweet treats, especially fried Indian snacks, and can be used to for skimming liquids from broths, soups, and curries.

In fact, you are likely to get plenty of use from a jharra beyond cooking Indian cuisine, as it is one of the types of skimmers money can buy. Made from quality metal and featuring a long handle for safe use, a good jharra will have ample uses throughut your kitchen.

How to Find the Best Jharra?

Finding the best jharra is not difficult, as it is a fairly basic utensil, so the buying process should be straight-forward. The main thing to focus on is the quality of the material, which is most ttypically stainless steel or another durable metal.

Look for strong and sturdy construction, especially where the handle connects to the spoon head, as you don’t want anything too flimsy that could break off and cause an accident with hot oil. A good quality metal should last for years, if not decades!

Be mindful of all-metal jharra, as the heat may conduct to the handle, making it too hot to use. Wooden handles are often preferable, although many modern designs come with a plastic grip to avoid any heat problems.

Furthermore, check the size of the spoon head, ensuring it is large enough to hold the type of snacks you are frying. Anything too small may require more work flipping the food, so make sure it is large enough for your cooking habits.