Chimta Buying guide

Chimta Buying Guide

Here at Curry Fayre we want to share our passion of curries with likeminded people. If you love a good curry, then there is a good chance you want to try making some yourself at home, which is much easier than most people assume!

A good Indian curry requires a selection of ingredients, notably Indian spices, that are widely available at most supermarkets. This makes it easy to source authentic ingredients to make a delicious homemade curry, which tastes amazing knowing you made it all from scratch!

However, while it is easy to find most of the standard ingredients for an Indian curry at a supermarket, finding Indian cooking utensils to make the food is less common. These tools will take your curry making ability to a whole new level, giving an even more authentic taste to your meals.

Better still, these are easy enough to find online, with various retailers selling Indian cookware for great prices. Buy a few of these and you are guaranteed to be making mouth-watering curries, sides, and other Indian cuisine from the comfort of your kitchen.

An often-overlooked Indian cooking utensil is the Chimta, which will be an essential tool for anyone wanting to make Indian flatbreads – like chapati or poppadom – to serve alongside their curry.

What is a Chimta?

Chimta is type of tong used to prepare Indian flatbreads, such as roti, chapati, puri, and poppadom. Also called chippio, chimta is a useful utensil to have for anyone making homemade Indian flatbreads, which are typically made from a basic wheat dough and then fried in a pan.

Different preparing and cooking methods impact the type of roti or flatbread you make, with chimta letting you use different methods to produce all kinds of a delicious side dishes for your curries. For example, chimta is used to hold roti above an open flame, helping to give it puffy finish once fried.

In fact, chimta is commonly used to hold flatbreads above flames, producing a light and puffy finish like those served in a restaurant – this method is used for both roti and poppadom. It can also be used to flip various flatbreads as they cook, while being useful for general serving of your Indian (and other) cuisine.

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Buying the Best Chimta

Chimta is a basic Indian cooing utensil, so you don’t need to consider too much when buying one. The main thing to focus on is the material of the Indian tongs, which are traditionally made from iron or brass, although any durable metal like stainless steel will suffice.

Other features worth consideration includes the grip of the tongs. If using them over an open flame, the chimta gets quite hot, so you may want to look for tongs that come with heat resistance grips on the handles.