Paniyaram Pan Guide

Paniyaram Pan Guide

While we certainly love our curries here at Curry Fayre, it is not the only type of Indian food we enjoy eating. In fact, there is a whole world of delicious Indian foods we highly recommend you try, with all kinds of tasty treats and side dishes you can easily make from home.

Moreover, to make delicious Indian sides and snacks, you can find virtually all the main ingredients at a supermarket. Providing you have the right Indian herbs and spices (also available at supermarketS) you can create a whole array of delicious Indian foods beyond just curries.

Of course, to give your snacks that authentic Indian taste, we recommend buying a good paniyaram pan. It is a versatile piece of cookware that is perfect for making various Indian snacks and sides, while you can use it to make all kinds of other cuisine too!

What is a Paniyaram Pan?

A paniyaram pan, often called an appe pan, a type of cooking utensil used to make paniyaram, a popular dish that is a staple in Indian homes. Paniyaram (also called paddu), consists of a steamed batter made from black lentils and rice, like the popular dishes idli and dosa.

The special pan for making paniyaram resembles a standard frying pan with a lid, but with the addition of several moulds to cook the batter.

Why Buy a Paniyaram Pan?

A good paniyaram pan lets you easily make delicious homemade paniayarm. The pan is designed specially to make this popular dish, which tastes truly amazing, especially when served with a delicious sauce and chutney.

All you need to do is prepare the batter mixture, spoon these into the moulds on the pan, cover with a lid and then leave them to cook. Flip the paniyaram half way through cooking, then you are left with a mouth-watering treat that can be enjoyed sweet or savoury depending on what you serve it with.

Plus, a paniyaram pan can be made to make all kinds of foods, including boiled eggs, falafel, batata vada, baati, and unniappam.

How to Choose the Best Paniyaram Pan

Here are some features to consider when buying a paniyaram pan:


Like any cooking pan, always make sure you consider the material that the paniyaram pan is made from. Each material offers its benefits, any of which may be preferable to your cooking and cleaning habits.

For example, cast iron pans are strong and durable, lasting for years, if not decades. However, they require more maintenance compared to a non-stick pan made from steel or aluminium, which are also likely to be more affordable than cast iron.


Electric paniyaram pans are a popular alternative to standard pans, being plugged into mains power rather than cooked on a hob. These are more expensive than a standard pan, although they offer more convenience by automating the entire cooking process, ensuring perfectly cooked paddu with minimal effort.


Check the size of any pan before you buy it, ensuring there are enough molds to meet your cooking requirements. For example, if you are making paddu for lots of people, you will want a larger pan with at least a dozen moulds, while seven moulds are suitable for smaller portions.